From left to right, back to front: Yvo Smit, Chris Wyant, Missy Wyant Smit,
Jack Wyant; Amelia Wyant, Jack Wyant, Jr.; Tim Wyant;
Peg Wyant; Finn Smit

about grandin properties

our board
A privately owned company, Grandin Properties is governed by its Board.

Peg Wyant
President/CEO, Grandin Properties
Managing Director, Isabella Capital LLC
Cincinnati, Ohio

Jack Wyant
Founder & Partner, Blue Chip Venture Capital
Cincinnati, Ohio

Jack Wyant, Jr.
Head Women's & Mens' Squash Coach, University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Missy Wyant Smit
Real Estate Agent, Hill & Company
San Francisco, California

Tim Wyant
Executive Director, National Urban Squash and Education Association
New York, New York

Chris Wyant
General Election Director, Organizing for America
Columbus, Ohio

Yvo Smit
Vice President Restaurant and Retail, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
San Francisco, California

Amelia Wyant
President and CEO, Sentinel Self Storage
Wilmington, Delaware